Here’s the settings of the brush in this post, i forgot to mention these. “pt1” was what i marked it with on the line test image. The custom brush feature on FireAlpaca hasn’t been out for very long but i’ve made so many custom brushes by now(with Gimp too) that it just kinda slips my mind to jot down any settings V__V I usually just vary the brush spacing and 
The bottom one, a.k.a. “pt0” was a joke test one i made and now i just use it for softer brushes, it doesn’t actually differ much from the other one at all.

Digital brushes are fun but it’s kind of a hassle at first.
Please keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter much what you paint or draw with, they’re just tools. It’s totally up to preference and comfort i guess. I used to go searching for perfect brushes and pencils a lot when i was younger and this is just general stuff i tell people. Just have fun and don’t care~ ^v^ what you want to make and think about making matters much more. That’s it VwV

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